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Kentucky Granite - Countertop Resources is your best source for information related to Kentucky natural stone industries, whether it relates to marble, quartz or granite countertops. Kentucky Granite provides listing of sources for granite slabs, natural stone suppliers and fabricators of granite countertops in Kentucky. In addition, you will find top quality information regarding the use and care of granite countertops and other natural stone products in your home or office setting.

Top Suppliers and Fabricators on Kentucky Granite Resource Pages

You'll find a wide range of natural stone suppliers on the Kentucky Marble and Granite Suppliers page. Many of the suppliers on the list will allow the public to visit and view their inventory of granite slabs; the best way to select a granite for your home. On the Kentucky Granite Fabricators page, you will find a long list of companies that provide fabrication services for stone products including granite countertops. These are the vendors who actually create the bathroom vanities out of remnants and countertops from the slabs of granite. Both groups of vendors are professionals in their own right and some company names will be found on both pages. On the bottom of each page is a link that invites you to help us add to our list.


Finding Granite Countertops in Kentucky Cities

Bowling Green, Lexington and Louisville are just three of the Kentucky cities that have granite countertop fabricators listed on this site. If you're looking for granite countertops in Louisville, or stone suppliers and fabricators in KY, these pages will provide you the listings of granite countertop providers associated with that particular city. In fact, if you live along the Ohio river, you may want to check out Indiana Granite too.